Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 more days to go

yeap its already the 14th ;]


and, HAPPY VALENTINES everyone ;]]

doesnt matter if you have someone to spend it with, you still mean alot to your family and friends, and me too <3


thursday night was a good night ;]
kirsten had a little farewell for all those going to off. haha most of the pics are on fb. way to lazy to upload them here haha

after the makan we headed over to kirsten's house and played some games

then i stayed over with kaibing
the twintowers and the bridge reunited at last haha
had an awesome time talking till 5am+ sighhh gonna miss doing that so bloody muchhh

anyways thank you all for the amazing night ;]


went out with mayjet the next day too haha
see you in afew days love!


i received this card form SAM a couple of days ago
when i was having my driving lessons he told me he had a card ready when i passed

i never knew that i would actually send it!
it seriously made my day when i got it. i was surprised beyond words!

hahhaa aint it cute?
thank you SAM. missing you heaps


afew days ago i downloaded this new movie called HACHIKO and goodness it drove me to tears i never thought was possible.
seriouslyy if you thought Marley and Me was sad, wait till you watch HACHIKO. it made me sob. like actually sob like an idiot in front of my laptop.

haha go watch plusss the dog, HACHI is FREAKINGGGG CUTE. no words to describe it haha

A short synopsis to get ya'll interested if you aren't yet:

A college professor (Richard Gere) takes in an abandoned dog and they form an unbreakable bond. The dog arrives daily at the correct time at the station, to meet his boss. After the professor dies while away from home, the dog keeps vigil waiting for his master for nearly a decade.

this is the real HACHI from japan. eek so cutee ;]

i feel like hugging him man sop FUHREAKING CUTEEE

in Japan, Hachi became very famous and thye actually built a monument of him somewhere in Japan. haha cant remember where though lol


new episodes only coming out in March i heard
how laaaa. damn slow

i miss chuck and blair <3


one thing that im very excited about going to melb is getting a new phone! haha
the phone plans there are cekap betul cause you get a free phone, and in my case im getting an iphone! haha

wish i could make mine as geng and pretty as these but all i can afford is the pink cover. haha


anyways time to spend more time with ma family ;]
2 more days only. time passing real fast now! haha




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