Monday, January 18, 2010

today is monday

went out with haoyi today for lunch and come extra-curiccular activities ;]]
lol before you start thinking dirty she came over to play Wii thats all ;]]
hahaha anyways here are todays pics
wayyyy to lazy to type

after lunch she came over and we played Resident Evil on my Wii and WOW IT WAS AWESOME ;PP
i really do enjoy shooting games. so exhilarating haha

overall i had a veyr fun day out with my tiramisu. ;]]]


a new movie has caught my eye and i dont think its out yet
its called Valentine's Day and it stars like AWESOME ACTORS AND ACTRESSES!
look at the pics if you dont believe me ;]]

omgee i love EMMA ROBERTSSS ;]]
plus shes acting with her aunt JULIA ROBERTS! uber chun

man i really wanna watch it gaga
not to mention TAYLOR SWIFT is acting??

now wouldnt that be interesting to watch? haha


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