Wednesday, January 13, 2010


darn sleepy right now so i'll make this quick.

went for a day trip to GUA TEMPURUNG with Darren, Hugo, Joanna and their aussie friends ;]
got to know them really well cause they're such friendly people.
very nice to be with haha

started out with breakfast at FOH SAN. haha
never had brekkie there before and my the food is awesome. lol
hugo ordered alot too so we were very stuffed. lol
had a great time just joking around and laughing with the people there. lool

at the entrance of the cave all hyped out and excited! lol
hati bedebar gedebak gedempur ;]]

group picture before the GRAND TOUR! :]]

the mountain baby :]]

pictures after tour ;]]
sadly we couldnt bring cam if not couldve taken alot of pics. lol ;]]

group picture with our guide!

wen yi ;]] my twin for the day lol

darren my brother from another motherrr ;]]


went to KAMPAR for lunch ;]]
food was megagood hahaha

curry chicken bread babbyyy ;]] totally yum

overall i had a REALLY REALLY GOOD TIME yesterday with my newfound friends. lol
glad i'll be able to see them later this year. lol

having crazy bad body aches today too. lol
plus the scratches on my knees are itchy. lol

went back to school last monday with MAYJET and met AUDREY at school too
eating the not only cheap but DELICIOUS food was AMUHZINGG ;]]

had a great time talking to the teachers and all too. haha

shall be going back to school tmr or something to help out. lol


received a really nice pressie from me love MAYJET from NewYork when she went for her christmas holidays ;]]
and i really loved them
weeeeeeeeee ;)))

love the keychain ;]]
will be using it to hold my keys when i get to aussie! haha

and now the amazing CHOCOLATESSS ;]]

totally LOVE the designs ;)


have been having a great few days lately
driving today was also very enjoyable as i manged to score well in my Penilaian.
so i'm in a good mood right now. lol
plus my next lesson is next week.

relief ;]]

driving was tiring so i'm gonna get some shut eye now


2 chicken wings:

couchpotato on January 15, 2010 at 12:18 AM said...

Hey debbie! Jo here :) Can I forward this blog entry link to the rest of them?- i.e. wen yi, matt, pearly and rachel- cos you said nice stuff about them haha and thought they should read it :D

Debbie on January 15, 2010 at 6:22 AM said...

hahah sure sureee ;]]

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