Monday, December 21, 2009


yeap its that time of the year again where all the youth camps take place.
haha this year was my 7th youth camp at CGMC and to tell you the truth,
i felt DAMN OLD. haha like seriously.
so many cili paids.
but i was really glad to see alot of happy, outgoing and sporting young youths. hahaha :PPPP

anyway here're the few pictures i took.

my love kirsten on our bus =)

HAHA chicken face QIVIN

on the last day many of the girls wore LITTLE MISS shirts so of course, we tangkap gambar!

and then QIVIN the PIMP decided to join us ;PP

F.R.O.G. babyyyyy haha
this was our group name =) we older ones had our own group because we were kinda involved in all the games planning and such =)

shao wne being himself-pig as usual =)
no matter where he goes, you are certain to see this side of him. HAHA




2nd shot!

overall this year's youth camp was a success indeed.
haha couldnt really believe that it was my 7th youth camp at CGMC haha

anyways i'm home alone again eating pau now while watching LOTR:ROTK :PP
life is good. wish i could go out more though. haha

anyways time to go back to my movie =) taa


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