Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i think New Moon was SUPERCHUNTED!

i dont know why most..okay i mean ALL of the people i know who watched New Moon told me that it sucks!

personally, i think it was pretty good. haha
of course some parts from the books were left out and blablabla
its a two hour movie, what do you expect??

edward was-as usual- DAMN HOT with

and mommy thinks Carlisle is cute. haha :]]]

but SERIOUSLY, i thought it was really good.
almost cried at one part too. really looking forward to the next one WOOHOO

i particularly ENJOYED the scenes whenever a wolf appeared
they're just so extremely FURRY and CUTE hahahha


anyways i watched the movie with none other than my beloved mommy :]]]
and after the movie when we waited for papa to come fetch us, i asked her a question

Mommy, honestly, are you afraid of death?

I'm not afraid of death.
I'm afraid of what will happen to you-to my family-after I die.

i literally wanted to cry just then.

what she said actually changed my whole perception of dying.
i always thought of death to be quite scary, although believing that God is in me.
but what mommy told me made me wonder what WOULD happen to the people i know once i've died.

life is so magnificent, death even more.



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