Sunday, December 20, 2009

AUSTRALIA (2nd week)

nothing much to say
just enjoy the picturees!

before going to live with AUNTY PHAIK CHOO uncle hock soon brought us to visit THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE :PPP
and my oh my the place is very nice!

and since Uncle Hock Soon is an alumni at the UofM, he brought us around the campus. haha
so green and sunny =)

we spent the next week with AUNTY PHAIK CHOO
spent most of the time playing with aunty PC's two awesome cute little dogs, OSCAR and GINGER

went to MOUNT DANDENONG with aunty paik choo for some fresh air. haha
its kinda like going to camerons except its 2837419234 times better :PP

went into one really pretty toy shop :PP

after some little shopping we went for lunch at the famous PIE IN THE SKY.
and yums they're seriously really good :PPPP

they had many different varieties of pies, all looked freaking good haha

australian meat pie! yums to the max!
the mash potatoes, peas and fries are also so delicious.

their famous SCONES! with cream and jam

ahh even now its making my mouth waterrrr
the scones were really in REALLY soft like eating tissue. haha

awesome car. radical :]]

went to the almost peak of Mt. Dandenong and we could actually see the city from there.
just beautiful :]]]

spot the city!

took quite a number of pictures on THE GIANT'S CHAIR which was at the peak. haha

mommy and daddy =)
their kinda identical jackets are cute dontcha think? haha

came down from MOUNT DANDENONG and went for some slight shopping before our Great Ocean Road trip and guess what mommy let me buy for the plane ride back to msiaaaaaaa


muahahaha damn happpyyyy mannn

and check this out, the rim of the pages are painted BLOOD RED!

chun giler

i tell you it looked kinda scary at first but it looked so good and appropriate! haha
never thought mommy would actually allow me to buy it. haha


yes i was VERY happy :))))

bought LIP SMACKERS too. i remember reading all about them in Barbie Magazines agesss ago and now, actually being able to buy them. haha awesome stuff

tastes damn good too :]

went on our GREAT OCEAN ROAD trip the next day :PP
left aunty paik choo's house at about 6am i think to avoid the jam in the city
friggin early but a good sacrifice. lol

if you see this picture and the next one closely you'll spot DOLPHINS!!!
we were like screaming in the car when we saw them outside the window
papa immediately stopped and we all rushed out to watch them swim together
like watching National Geographic live only daaaaamn nice

stopped at a little cafe to have breakfast, and it definitely was the BEST BREAKFAST ever
the ham and tomato and bacon was TO DIE FOR. haha
very big serving too so we could share. ahaha :]]]]

after checking in into out motel at Apollo Bay we walked around the area.
saw so many "burung kakak tua" mannn. haha dont know the name of the bird in english rofl

and we fed them! haha freaking cute

after some makan we headed to see Australia's pride and glory: THE 12 APOSTLES.

the famous twelve apostles :)
i heard there's only like 10-11 left?? haha

it was really cold and windy up there btw haha

i love my happy parents =)

my favourite stop of all, the BLOWHOLE

i remember coming here 9 years ago and finding this spot really cool and interesting
was really looking forward to seeing it and when i did, i felt so happy :)

read read very interesting =)

and yeah this was our rented car for the trip.
freaking cute ;)

went back to our motel at APOLLO BAY after visiting the 12 Apostles.
went for a walk by the beach too. freaking peaceful

saw this dog there to walking obediently beside his/her master. haha
one day i'll bring yogi to somewhere like that and let him feel freeee :PPPP

so cuteeee

some random sand-thingy on the beach

yummmms Hungry Jacks is like the Burger King in malaysia.

visited the WERRIBEE OPEN RANGE ZOO on our way back from the Great Ocean Road trip.
realized we had to see kangaroos and koalas before leaving australia haha

in the end we only managed to see a couple of kangaroos from a distance. lol

really loves the MEERKETS at the zoo. freaking cute mannn




can you spot the kangaroos? haha

gazelle! so beautiful =)

camel haha

cant remember the names of these "deers" but they were so nice to just look at =)

beautiful coated ZEBRAS :PPPPP

the giraffes. so nice


my favourite, the LEOPARDS!!
they were like inches away from us, separated by a thick glass thats it haha
it was so cool being so near them, plus they kept walking in front of us, like parading only haha

hippos! freakin cute and fat ;PPP

so near yet so far. hahas

arent they just so magnificent??

got the city view on our way back from the GREAT OCEAN ROAD trip ;PP

went out for dinner with mommy and papa's high school friends afew nights before we left =)

korean food!

after korean food we headed to PANCAKE PARLOUR for some dessert :PPP

camwhored at the famous PP mirrors =)

played HUGE CHESS with jiejie while waiting for the food to arrive ;PP

look at the chocolate babyyyyyy :PPPP

amazingly cute skirt from SUPRE. might buy when i get there. haha

hahaha and that marks the end of our AUSTRALIA holiday!
hahaaa there are WAYYY more pictures but i thinkmy blog will explode with too many pics
most of them are on facebook so yeah haha

well my holidays have truly begun
alone at home while mommy and papa work, not forgetting jiejie who's just started her internship at ERNST & YOUNG. damn chun right? haha

anyways so i'm along at home now watching HARRY POTTER and the PRISONER OF AZKABAN while blogging.
gonna cook my tomyam magimee soon baby! haha

next up on my blog would me youth camp 09!


4 chicken wings:

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ on December 21, 2009 at 7:20 AM said...

wow...sooooo many photos..would suggest that you categorised and divide it into several post though..hehe

I love the facts on the blowhole..sounds eerie though..

Debbie on December 21, 2009 at 7:45 AM said...

hahaha thanks yo. was kinda lazy to divide into different posts so just divided my holiday into two posts. haha

and yeah the blowhole's damn chun right? lol :PPPP

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