Friday, December 18, 2009

AUSTRALIA (1st week)

yes i can finally post a complete post on my first week in australia :P
wont be saying that much because i'm feeling plain lazy right now haha

the plane ride was exceptionally good :P

maggi mee tastes amazingly good on planes. haha

my first view of australia on the plane haha
we reached at about 12 am so we were really tired and all

uncle hock soon's amazingly cosy house!

beautiful aint it?

uncle hock soon's house!
we stayed there for a week
then another week with aunty paik choo =)

some sweeties :PP

and yes of course i brought my beloved bolsters :PPPPP

awesome christmas deco :PPPP

went over to mommy and papa's high school friends after lunch
wahhh the houses in aus seriously damn nice

thats Jonathan Chan

KNOX CITY shopping mall

aunty paik choo's birthday dinner :PPP

aunty paik choo's two birthday cakes
oh soooo yummmm

GINGERRRR and the flawless LYDIA



the usual LEE card game= gin rummy :PPPP


played with their trampoline a hell alot but most of the retarded pics are on FB :PPPP

aunty sue's spag woohoo

coles is like the ultimate grocery shopping spot.

longass bananas. haha the fruits in aus memang chun.

curry fish by uncle hock soon!

almond bread by aunty sue


saliva drooping out yet?? haha

crazy LEE cousins

went to the CITY the next day
love the modern and so much shopping babyyy

supre babyyyy
after all the times i've read about it in magazines, i actually managed to step into it

met up with CHUAH MAY JET and JESSICA LOH in the city that day :PPP
uber fun

went for amazing italian lunch with my and jess :P

my face still in her wallet babyyyy

headed for some gelati after lunch :P

thanks a bunch HUMPHREY for the gelati! yums to the max

went over and hung out at mayjet's room for a bit.
damn nice man. so cosyyy

our tram on the way back home one afternoon broke down
haha it was the first one, and i caused like 7 other trams to stop as well
haha funny experience :P

vitamin water babyyyyyyy
from GOSSIP GIRLS for those of you who dont know

hooray for GG!

our INVERLOCH trip


the two brothers =) see the resemblance?

looks damn good right?
genuine FISH AND CHIPS i tell you
but damn oily. haha

uncle hock soon setting up the crab trap

beautiful sky which is unavailable in malaysia. haha

visionaries eh? haha

and yes my uncle and i randomly decided to jump into the FREEZING COLD WATER.
and when i mean freezing i mean ice water.
my body felt instant pain when it came into contact with the water.
so freakin salty somemore. haha

but it was definitely something i wouldnt have missed :P

the pier

the crab we kinda caught =)

visited jiejie's place at CAUFIELD.
house damn nice right? haha

got tickets to watch MAO'S LAST DANCER with mommy
sadly the show doesnt show in malaysia cause it is a REALLY GOOD MOVIE
malaysia is so sad

nice dinner with uncle hock soon's family before moving in with aunty paik choo =)

uncle hock soon brought us to the SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE on night.
was freakin cold that night and had a full bladder so couldnt really enjoy to the fullest. rofl

mini pancakes from VICTORIA MARKET :PPP

and i guess thats it for my first week in melbourne!

the next post would be the 2nd week there
followed by this year's youth camp :P


6 chicken wings: on December 19, 2009 at 8:53 PM said...

love the strawberry dip in chocolate! envy u ! xD!!!!
Nanged your post! Hopefully you will nang to read about is back with the name !!!!!!

Debbie on December 19, 2009 at 8:56 PM said...

hahaha thanks loads yo =)
and yeah nanged for ya

l0veyd0veyd00 on December 19, 2009 at 9:05 PM said...

I really wish i can stay overseas even before i read your blog... arghhh!!

Debbie on December 19, 2009 at 9:15 PM said...

hahaha anywhere overseas better than msia aint it? haha

jfook on December 19, 2009 at 10:57 PM said...

Wow, a great trip you had in Aussie :)

Debbie on December 20, 2009 at 5:49 AM said...

jfook: haha thanks =) really did have a great time :PP

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