Saturday, November 14, 2009

when there were exams

haha just realized i have some pics of my exam week which is now over

what i did during my exams:

Align Centerpork mee one morning where we didnt sleep the entire night and morning.
see how much i studied? haha better get good results lol

but honestly we played ALOT of ChorDaiDee at kyan's place
hahaha so i dont expect VERY GOOD results LOL

had pizza another night. 4 PIZZAS FYI

also i noticed Google does come up with some really nice images on it's main Google site,
as such:
they had the whole Sesame Street gang =)

so creative dont you think?

bought this really nice locket necklace from FOREVER 21

managed to find 2 mini pics to put in
sorry gorgor no picture of you yet but i'm gonna get one in!

andandand i bedazzled my cookie again!
love this new design haha

speaking of designs, like my new blog layout?

had a real good time with my superb cousins tonight but i shall upload the pics tomorrow or something

i think i'm falling sick
blardy running nose


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