Wednesday, November 25, 2009

starbucks on my last night

taking a short break from studying for my MORAL finals tmr
at starbucks now with VINOD =)

anyways i was bored..i mean AM i'm gonna just try my best to list down the amazing people i've met here in subang, friends i've met here.
if i forgot your name, forgive me haha
let me know and i'll put your name in la. haha

so here goes!

p/s: i dont count people i've met before in ipoh okay!
but i do include people from ipoh which i got know here!haha
arranged alphabetically =)

-Aaron Abraham
-Aaron Lee
-Amy Ee Khor
-Andrea Netto
-Andrew Goh
-Arthur Wan
-Bobby Teoh
-Brinda Pandiyan
-Calvin Christopher
-Candy Tey
-Chin Jitve
-Chua Ter Wei
-Chua Zjen Thak
-Cliff Everett
-Deepan Dean
-Desmond Tay
-Dominic Thoo
-Eddy Limm
-Fikri Alakado
-Gan Seow Chuieng
-Ginaesen Sinnu
-Goh Wen Zhee
-Ham Chi Lim
-Harkiran Kaur
-Jason Tan
-Jeremiah Mojuntin
-Jeremy Ong
-Jeswena Kaur
-Jian Tan
-Jitz Lim
-Joel Ryan Lee
-Karl Johan
-Lee Wai Kit
-Lim Ai Ling
-Loo Weng Jun
-Manvinderjit Singh
-Mathias Premanand Ponniah
-Natalie Iu Ying
-Natasha Priya
-Novel Lim
-Hemidreza Hedayatpour
-Ong Zhi Wei
-Praveent Chelvam
-Roy Hee
-Sajina Suresh
-Sam Amirebrahimi
-Samuel Chew
-Shaik Dawood
-Shirley Divya
-Shirley Lau
-Siow Kar Ying
-Siti Zuriani
-Soroush Amirebrahimi
-Tan Hwee Mien
-Teng Khai Ling
-Teoh Ling Chuieng
-Ting Guo Yi
-Vinodharen Nair
-Vinod Jay
-Wong Wai Yin

wow i really did make alot of friends here
most of which i will never get the chance to see ever again
so THANKS for being such great friends in me life =)


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