Saturday, November 7, 2009


okay i have a whole bunch of movie reviews to post cause i have been watching so many movies lately. haha
so i shall not blabber so much
enjoy the reviews!

SAW 1-5
i enjoyed watching all 5 SAWs like 3 times each at least.
seriously, i find all of them really mind-blowing, and not because of the blood and chopping and sawing off of all types of body parts, but because of the ingenious scenes in the movies. haha

plus this movie ain't like the others which use ketchup as blood and such. the bloody scenes look so real and never-before done.

and this movie has really thought me to learn to enjoy and appreciate life and everything in it to the fullest. yeah
so if you feel like you have nothing worth living for, watch one of them. haha

and rumour has it that SAW 6 is out which i am DYING TO WATCH, so to anybody who has the movie, PLEASEEE LET ME KNOW. haha

once again, megan fox cannot act.
but her boobies do make it an enjoyable show. haha just kidding.
this show is kinda twisted without a good climax, actually, i dont think there was a climax throughout the movie. haha

yet i would admit that MEGAN FOX looked freakin hot in the movie, whether in her demonic state or not.

AMANDA SEYFRIED was also really good, from a bimbo in Mean Girls to a songbird in Mamma Mia to slightly cuckoo highschoolgirl in Jennifer's Body, she deserves an award. haha

this is definitely one movie you gotta watch in the cinema with the big picture and loud sound effects, if not it wouldn't be fun.

one heart-warming movie like A Walk To Remember.
this one made kaibing cry and me a little bit too. a good one thats for sure.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN was really good in this one and so was CAMERON DIAZ. didnt really think she could play someone so emotional and serious in the movie. she proved herself to be an amazing actress.

one of the best movie i consider PIXAR to have created
i have never really been a fan of all these "clay-cartoons" but UP seriously deserves a standing ovation.
from beginning to end i couldnt take my eyes off the screen, plus the soundtrack for this movie is AMAZING.
seriously a great movie to watch.
wish i could've watched it in 3D though. haha

watched with Mathias and Jaclyn

one must-watch romance movie. seriously it drove me into tears and not to mention, made JACLYN cry like a baby. haha no offense jac it was really cute =)

it was kinda confusing to me throughout the movie and it's one of the movies where you can just download it and watch it on your com instead of spending 11 bucks watching it in the cinema.
but still, you gotta watch it.

plus i always thought RACHEL MCADAMS is the prettiest actress ever, like in really beautiful and sweet-looking.

another DISNEY chick flick. was okay kinda enjoyed it.
but some parts were kinda lame. haha
still it was cute in a way seeing two real life best friends acting side by side. haha

also stars JAMIE CHUNG from Dragonball Evolution (far left)

hmmmm this movie
one of the confusing ones thats for sure
alot of flashbacks and such which did make me abit cuck

i guess i'm done for the night
hahaha hope you enjoyed everything in this post
if there is one movie above which i think you should watch no matter what, it would be....

so there you go

i still have bio and chem to sit for btw


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