Monday, November 23, 2009

3rd last day

yes its already my 3rd last day in subang
so fast laaaa sighsighsigh

had a really good time tonight with fikri, faeez and another guy. cant remember his name lol
anyways i thought i would never see my big brother again. haha
it was good seeing you ABANGFIKRI =)
and faeez too!


anyways i have been enjoying my moral classes. well kinda

cute huh? =)

my last few days of scamming on hot guys in the lecture hall LOL
anyways i did not take my nap this afternoon and it's already 3am
i need to wake up in 5 hours time. how laaaaaa haha

just kinda sad cause somehow these past few days i've been getting to know many new friends..
which i have to say goodbye to in a couple of days
how saddddd


hence i shall hit the sack now
another fun-filled day tmr!

have been watching alot of movies and series too. lol
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