Thursday, November 26, 2009

aussie tomorrow!

my last day in subang was indeed a very sad one. sigh =(

almost went into tears when i hugged Nat goodbye, maybe because we hugged like 7 times before actually saying goodbye. sigh

its sad to think that i’ll most probably never see 3/4 of the people i met in subang. sighh

anyways these are the last batch of pictures taken in subang, my 2nd home =)

moral presentation on ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES


we stole like so many friggin straws from TAKE AWAY. lol it was so fun doing it with HY. lol


our end result!



the lecture theatre where we spent our last week in subang. lol


the other masterpieces:


DSC06896 DSC06897

DSC06898 DSC06899

DSC06894 DSC06895

DSC06900 DSC06901 DSC06902 DSC06903 DSC06905 DSC06906

my last night in subang spwnt with vinoaddddd






DSC06920 DSC06923

played like 7-8 rounds of foosball. lol

DSC06935 DSC06936

and my last official DAY in subang, hours before i left =(

DSC06938 DSC06939




there’s lightning now so i shall continue this post later


ps: i’m using the windows live writer to blog.

pretty good i think =)



okay i'm back using my home computer cause papa has taken my lappie to his office for safekeeping for the next 2 weeks, and my pics cant be uploaded.

si i shall just leave this post hanging and i'm off to bed.

gonna have to wake up real early tmr!

so to all readers, i may be publishing a blog post or two in aussie when i get there!

see ya then!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

starbucks on my last night

taking a short break from studying for my MORAL finals tmr
at starbucks now with VINOD =)

anyways i was bored..i mean AM i'm gonna just try my best to list down the amazing people i've met here in subang, friends i've met here.
if i forgot your name, forgive me haha
let me know and i'll put your name in la. haha

so here goes!

p/s: i dont count people i've met before in ipoh okay!
but i do include people from ipoh which i got know here!haha
arranged alphabetically =)

-Aaron Abraham
-Aaron Lee
-Amy Ee Khor
-Andrea Netto
-Andrew Goh
-Arthur Wan
-Bobby Teoh
-Brinda Pandiyan
-Calvin Christopher
-Candy Tey
-Chin Jitve
-Chua Ter Wei
-Chua Zjen Thak
-Cliff Everett
-Deepan Dean
-Desmond Tay
-Dominic Thoo
-Eddy Limm
-Fikri Alakado
-Gan Seow Chuieng
-Ginaesen Sinnu
-Goh Wen Zhee
-Ham Chi Lim
-Harkiran Kaur
-Jason Tan
-Jeremiah Mojuntin
-Jeremy Ong
-Jeswena Kaur
-Jian Tan
-Jitz Lim
-Joel Ryan Lee
-Karl Johan
-Lee Wai Kit
-Lim Ai Ling
-Loo Weng Jun
-Manvinderjit Singh
-Mathias Premanand Ponniah
-Natalie Iu Ying
-Natasha Priya
-Novel Lim
-Hemidreza Hedayatpour
-Ong Zhi Wei
-Praveent Chelvam
-Roy Hee
-Sajina Suresh
-Sam Amirebrahimi
-Samuel Chew
-Shaik Dawood
-Shirley Divya
-Shirley Lau
-Siow Kar Ying
-Siti Zuriani
-Soroush Amirebrahimi
-Tan Hwee Mien
-Teng Khai Ling
-Teoh Ling Chuieng
-Ting Guo Yi
-Vinodharen Nair
-Vinod Jay
-Wong Wai Yin

wow i really did make alot of friends here
most of which i will never get the chance to see ever again
so THANKS for being such great friends in me life =)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2nd last day-Jamming

went for an ultrafun jamming session with jac, haoyi and mathias! haha
spent an hour kinda just banging the notes and having fun. lol

played a whole bunch of songs which included
-Check Yes Juliet
-Heart of Worship
-etc etc etc

we had this awesome little room with a huge mirror, wooden and carpeted floor and aircon
woooo very nice and cozy haha

hahaha let the pics show you how much fun we had! haha

took the advantage to camwhore abit cause of the huge mirror =)
forgive me haha

presenting the band:




and hence presenting to you our band:


went to silva's for some makan after haha

2 more days man
getting kinda emo-fied
dont wanna leave subang
but i wanna go home too. gaga

-your punker-

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