Thursday, October 1, 2009

yay photos yumyumyum

i digged and digged and digged and managed to find a wire to connect my camera to my lappie!
hence, i shall upload a whole batch of pictures. lol

firstly, my ABANG fikri got me a very special FOUR LEAF CLOVER neacklace from i-cant-remember-where. haha

that's a REAL FOUR LEAF CLOVER in there you know! chun

=) thanks fikri again, really.
next up are yesterdays pictures, where jac brought haoyi and i to her bro's boutique in Bangsar i think. lol found this super nice red dress which i really wanna buy for prom. but see how first la.

just a random purple one =) damn nice too, and so fitting! usually i cant find dresses to fit me. lol

anyways after visiting the boutique, haoyi and i went to the lake near SJMC, supposed to do bio but ended up using the book as my pillow as we sat on the bench overlooking the beautiful lake =) it's really a very nice place there, very peaceful. we laughed alot too. haha
we also got the news that there was a mini-earthquake back at Taylors area but we weren't there to experience it, which made haoyi kinda sad. lol dont worry HY i'll shake your chair and make it feel like an EARTHQUAKE! =)
anyways here are the lake pictures. go visit if you havent yet!

the lake is seriously so beautiful. will be going back there to do cloud-watching with HY one
anyways THANK YOU MINDYLIM for bringing me to INTI to use the internet.
love you so.
time to go makan with her!
haha i got a feeling tomorrow's gonna be a real good day. haha

2 chicken wings:

Carson Heng on October 2, 2009 at 5:47 AM said...

That four leaf clover necklace... IS SO DAMN CUN WEIIII!!! o_o

Debbie on October 2, 2009 at 5:49 AM said...

hahaha thanks carsonnn =) lol

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