Friday, October 23, 2009

last OFFICIAL day of college

sigh today was really one sad day for all of us at TAYLORS COLLEGE
it was our last official day of classes as study break starts next week, and the week after next would be our finals already
sigh it's incredible how fast time passed these past 8 months
felt kinda sad knowing that in a month or so, we'll be parting for good
who knows when will be the next time we actually see each other again

anyways we still do have our MORAL STUDIES classes together so NO FEAR! haha
got time to cry later on

i am so glad study break has started
really miss home though. sigh
speaking of home, today is MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY!
haha called her and sang a little bit of HAPPY BIRTHDAY with jac during class
hope you had a good day mommy dearest


as usual i shall let the pictures describe what a day i had in college
plus some little notes about the special people i have met at the bottom of each picture =)
so enjoy folks!

haha we were ALL so busy signing each other's yearbook which is AWESOME by the way. lol

Mr. Yong [mega fun physics teacher who makes every lesson memorable, not to mention MEGA CUTE TOO!]

mathias [the best guy friend who cracks me up till i roll on the floor =)]

andrew on the left [naturally funny dude who makes the smartest-lamest jokes]

waikit on the right [super cute and innocent on the outside but cheeky on the inside]

waiyin [awesomest POOFTER and guy friend ever]

seow chuieng [most innocent tall girl ever] and khai ling [ROCKING CLASS REP!]

candy [sweetest person to walk with and has a funny/super genius personality]

haoyi [always there for me and cares like hell although she might hit you to tell you that =)]

Jaclyn [best laughing partner and GOSSIP GIRL buddy who makes me laugh 24/7]

deepan [macho man of E2-also always MIA =)]

kiran [the sweetest and most generous girl ever]

andrea in pink tee [cutey pie] sajina in black [always so sweet to everyone]

ter wei [my favourite TURKEY whom i'll miss like hell]

Mr Tharam [awesome maths teacher who helps us all the time =)]

caroline [my 'mommy' of 2009 in E2]

brinda [my brindi windi who's always fun to be with]

natalie [the best friend to go shopping with and talking about cute guys p/s: i'm taller than you nat!! hahaha]

hwee mien [super sweet] and kar ying [freaking gorgeous]

Ms. Loke [best bio teacher to ever walk the planet and always so sporting]

our class mentor Miss Isabel actually wrote us a card. awwww *tear*
we were really so touched
and i was given the honor of reading it out aloud =) haha
it was really moving, so THANKS MISS ISABEL

she also gave us EACH these really sweet bookmarks =)

Miss Isabel [sweetest youngest looking teacher i've EVER met]

and some photos with the peeps i didnt manage to get a picture with:

amy and shirley [two very sweet and quiet girls who are always together]

wen zhee on the left [my dai-ka-jie from ipoh] and ling chuing in the middle [stylo girl]

Sarah [the girl who's been there for me through so much}

i am truly deeply going to miss EACH and EVERY one of you whom i've met here in Subang.
but i still have a month to spend with you guys =)
no emotional stuff just yet


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