Sunday, October 4, 2009

if i let you go

woke up really late today. haha last night was weeeee =)
anwyayssssss haha

met some new friends last night, thanks GIN =)
haha knew they were doing SAM at taylors too but never got the chance to know them.
anyways gin helped me with that. lol
went for some pool with them
anyways enjoy the pics!

this is JJ. he was nice enough to go to the right when i told him i look better on my left. lol

the guys actually went to starbucks to play CHESS. haha friggin cute right? lol

thats carl/karl/kal (lol no idea how to spell). darn funny guy.

thats calvin in the middle. Singaporean yo! but he loves Malaysia. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

anyways they're real funny and nice. glad to have met them =)
feels good to be knowing more and more people from subang before SAM ends.
gonna be damn sad man when we all are gonna have to part in november

anyways, went to starbucks with HAOYI when i woke up.
managed to do alot, including study bio, prepare for my physics presentation tomorrow and do my bio essay thingy. weee

kinda addicted to the juices now. had the dragon fruit one today. haoyi hated it but me? LOVED IT. lol got 2 lil bottles now! HAHA

went for a real nice SECRET RECIPE dinner with haoyi too.
wah felt friggin bloated after. lol

tomyam baby!

her little wings ring. damn cute =)

haha anyways
yawn tomorrow's
a new day
a new week
a new start
GOD BE WITH ME and my family =)


ps: isnt time supposed to make things easier?
doesnt seem like it.
i still wanna see you.

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