Thursday, October 15, 2009

camwhoring once again

at starbucks with haoyi now
kbing's here too.weee

anyways just got back from a nice walking spree in pyramid awhile ago with haoyi, jac and mathias.
wah i seriously had a good time just laughing at everything that
as usual here come the glorious pics! haha

trying to take a pic on the escalator. uber fail.

wacko jacko



i actually found a bug at the BOTTOM of my drink when i finished it.
thanks to haoyi i didnt have to pay RM5 for it. muahahah
THANKS HY! you rock my world


jac was so proud to be taller than M. lol

right now i also have been able to find alot of dresses which i have fallen in love with
but sadly i have a very empty purse now. boohooo
all can see but cannot buy
how laaaa

c'mon some rich dude come marry me. i give you babies =)

they were trying so hard to change the light colour. lol

and finally they did it! HAHAHA

bought a BLAIR-ish headband too which i am so in love with

will be wearing it on monday to class with jac and her new headband too! weeee
such gossip girl wannabees. lol

having haoyi sleepover tonight.
plan to watch SAW 5 with her! haha and the best part is, there's no one else in the entire apartment so we can scream all we want! haha
and knowing haoyi, she's gonna need to. HAHA

and speaking of horror movies, watched THE GRUDGE with jac after class today.
during the movie i can honestly say i was VERY scared.
had my ears covered most of the time and my bolsters covering my eyes.
but now when i think back about the movie, it honestly wasn't that scary lo.
i dont think i'll be finding it hard to sleep tonight. HAHA
but thank you jac for temaning me and warning me during the scary parts

just some random pics of some studying done at good old STARBUCKS

alright guys i'm back home continuing this post
gonna bathe then start SAW 5 with CHEAH HAO YI!


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