Friday, October 9, 2009


yeah my title really said it all
these past 3 days, starting from wednesday, HAOYI JACLYN and I have been camwhoring like CRAZY. lol

alot has happened for me these few days
and i shall start with the pics =) enjoy folks!

WEDNESDAY, 7th October 2009

around college just chilling =)

some Saudi Arabian chewing gum HY bought. lol

was feeling really down during class that day
and Hy actually wrote me a very nice "lovey dovey" letter =)
thanks HY. you really cheered me up


went to SUMMIT after class for some cheap shoopping! haha

went for dinner at this place which was like mega empty, but the food was GOOD
they give you your noodles fresh so you get to cook them yourself in your own personal pot
haha frigggin cute =)

this pic makes me LOL everytime

i love the heels i'm wearing in this pic. typical plain black pumps.
RM70 though. thinking thinking thinking

had a mini manicure at guess where? STARBUCKS! haha

thanks reza for the vanilla latte

reza. haha yeah he painted his nails.

=) thanks again yo

THURSDAY, 8th October 2009

BAKER'S COTTAGE with jac before class

starting to LOVE flash. haha

haoyi's motto =) rofl

floral babes =)

michelle and jac!

AC toilet camwhore moments =)

bumped into PAWLINA and aaron during lunch too =)

went out at night with fellow blogger SAMUEL CHEW. haha
go visit his blog it's cool. lol
anyways thanks SAM for a fun night out =)

started off with pool

bumped into jeremy

tomyam for dinner baby! woot

he brought me for BR ice cream too. haha yumster

right Sam..rightttt

he also invited me to the XPAX Blackberry Launch party tmr night which i really wanna go.
sigh sadly stuff came up. boohoo
thank you SAM for the invite. you have fun! =)

FRIDAY, 9th October 2009

starbucks lollipop baby!

jac's messy-ish nice hair. haha

gonna take this chance to advertise MARKET's chapfan.
like seriously it's damnnnn good and damnnnn cheapppp haha
love the food there


at starbucks now with haoyi.
and faeez just arrived. lol

some starbucks pics =)

sam, one of the sweetest international guys i have ever met

the 2 brothers. haha damn fun to be around them

played Metal Slug with faeez. rofl

thanks reza again =)
expresso =)

friggin cute right?? tralalalalalala

played METAL SLUG with faeez at starbucks
played METAL SLUG with jac for like 3 bloody hours
i love METAL SLUG. haha

*back home to continue uploading my pics*

gonna take this chance to thank CHEAH HAOYI for letting me use you ipod for now =)
it really means alot. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME MLP!

waiting for pics to upload both here and fb now.
chem is calling!

p/s: having a nice video chat with fathead SOH HSIEN SHOONG now who btw went and MIGRATED to US without telling me. friend la now huh????? i paint you wayfarers pink then you know. better bring me back a penguin =)


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