Saturday, September 19, 2009

watefall picnic baby!

today was definitely a memorable day. haha mommy actually allowed me to go to MERU with the peeps! haha shocker huh. lol

anyways it was friggin last minute. was sleeping when i got a call from Shao asking me to go Meru Waterfall there and then. haha damn blur

anyways after a couple of hours spent at Rach's house, we finally started out journey to the waterfall. went into Sheng's car which was like a racing car. guy goes damn fast. haha

anyways yeah enjoy the pics! sadly most of the nice waterfall pics are with Shao so i'll upload those later.


the road to the waterfall. spooky

sandra darling

no idea what shao's trying to do lol


sorry guys =) you should've bent more =)

thats more like it =) haha

trekking up to the waterfall


my boyfriends =)

my fattys

my other 2 boyfriends HAHA


anyways i had a real good time =) thanks shao for the invite! haha

went to popo's house for dinner tonight. yum the food she cooks plus the soup are TO DIE FOR i tell you. damn "lazat". hahahahaha

when we came home i carried out my plan for tonight =)



the preparation

fattening stuff i tell you


haha the choc did become kinda shitty at the end.LOL but nevertheless still very nice =)

tuned out cleaning up was more tiring than preparing the thing. haha
anyways now i'm feeling DAMN FAT.thanks to the choc. fuuuuhhhhh

it's 10.45pm now and mommy and papa are going to bed
haha i feel like the night's just begun but it's not like i can walk out and find my usual LORONG maggi goreng. sadly. haha

thank GOD for wifi.

i can blog in the comfort of my orange room. HAHA

anyways i was just looking at babyYOGI today and i realized he's kinda slow already =(
like seriously, he doesnt come as fast as he used to when i call and he's always looking so tired.
just looking at him like that made me wanna cry. sigh hope he's alright.
shall be giving him his bath one of these days. lol weeee
didnt realize how much i MISSED him too. lol

church tomorrow. weee. means i should be sleeping soon too.

your's truly,


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