Tuesday, September 29, 2009

starbucks yet again

yeap i'm here again
i should get a bed here and all, then i wouldnt have to go home anymore
guess i'll be coming here everyday after classes to study with jac they all

anyways haoyi and i were studying here yesterday and we were asked to do some kind of survey about YOGA and we did. after that the lady who was carrying out the survey gave us these coupons to go for some YOGA session for three days! how cool is that.

lol anyways i really had nothing else to blog about so yeah
haha really looking forward to going for my first YOGA session and with haoyi.
lol we gonna laugh most of the time def. lol

anyways have been here since 4pm. yawn shall be going home at 8pm when jac goes home.

JACLYN! haha

then will be coming back here tp study somemore with haoyi. lol yawn

got back trials results.
improved in some, screwed up some.
oh well bottom line is, FINALS is in friggin ONE MONTH
so gotta start studying really hard! woot

i hope my apartment's wifi is back and running by the time i go home.
if not i'm gonna go mad i'm telling you

anyways thats all for now
gotta go back to bloody maths.


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