Saturday, September 12, 2009

starbucks 2.0

yeap still here

auddie still doing maths.

nothing to do so blog a little before going back to biologeeee

oh and if you noticed, my blog layout is kinda different now
not because i had time to make it nicer, but because a couple of nights ago i accidentally tried another layout and forgot to save my old layout code.

Hence, i has to start all over again. took me a couple of hours to relive it which was not very wise since i couldve spent those hours on studying something, but i really couldnt just see my blog so dull and boring till after trials!

haha so here is my new blog layout =) i found some really cute widgets which i got to add to my blog.
for example:

- the little arrow at the bottom right of the page which allows you to go to the top of the page
- my STICK FIGURE FAMILY at the bottom of the page (scroll all the way down to see!)
- digital clock on the left

yeah i guess thats about it


i miss home


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