Saturday, September 12, 2009

smiling =)

just got back from a nice long talk with jasonsoon not too long ago
realized alot of the stuff we talked about was true

there is a time for everything.
GOD has a plan for everyone..including me.
i know that there's someone out there who will appreciate me for who i am.
and he's out there. waiting like me.
and i will find him.

in the meantime, i need to focus more on my relationship with GOD.
i think the reason why my life is all screwed up is because i haven't been very close to GOD lately.
and i know the fault is all mine.
i just have to cut down on my going out and boy-hunting, and just focus on the one person who has control over my life. HIM.

thank you GOD for the life i have now.
for the friends who encouraged me till now.
for the college i am studying in.
for my WONDERFUL parents who've spent thousand of RM to send me here.
for all the maggi goreng in my stomach.

thank you GOD.


i feel great.


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