Thursday, September 3, 2009

sien shit

before i go into the details, here's abit about how my week went on

nothing much, have been trying to study more since trials are just a week away
SIGH i am so screwed btw

anyways the other day i tried out a mask which i bought with mommy when i was back in ipoh
and MY OH MY it's reallyy good

like when it's on my face i can totally feel refreshed and after, my face felt so clean

and next, i'm gonna blog about the NICEST SHOES I EVER RECEIVED! hahah and they're from non other than my besties (kaibing kirsten rachel amelia shaowen and jason)


here are the pics =) haha really love 'em and can't wait to wear 'em! hahaha
gotta practice walking in higher heels too. lol


and now for the bitter part of tonight's blog entry

i seriously do not know what i did wrong
and i apologized
what the **** is your problem?
i really do not have the time to think about all these
i already have alot on my very small plate
not being able to do anything about you makes me wanna bang my head on the wall till my brain oozes out
but as pawlina said, i am not gonna let you make my life more miserable than it already is

someone help me PLEASE

i thank GOD i have such nice friends who have been there for me
and i thank GOD tomorrow is a Friday and Monday is a holiday
hopefully the sun will shine brighter tomorrow although it rained today



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