Friday, September 18, 2009


ahh ipoh is just so peaceful
i love listening to the light raindrops just outside my door
no sounds of people shouting downstairs
or cars hon-ing on the road

just peace. and yogi.

anyways i'm watching Super Sapians right now while trying to finish up this post.

haha first i shall start with my sleepover with Jac last night at my place.
haah we did quite alot of stuff, i shall just let the pictures do the talking =)

uploaded more on FB so check them out there la. haha

went to lorong for late night supperrr.

haha then we went to 7-eleven to get a toothbrush for Jac and we came across the cutest game ever! haha a mini pool set! seriously just HAD to buy it. lol

then went for some foosball too. tried stuffing tissue into the goals to prevent them from rolling away but tak jadi. our games ended so fast cause we were so nooob. lol but it was fun la cause we were screaming all. lol

went home and played with our mini pool! seriously friggin cute. it has its own mini legs and all. haha one day i'll bring to class then we can all play together gether HAHA

haha jac's so cute when she's sleep deprived. lol

we also watched THE ORPHAN (thanks for the DVD S!) last night, or actually this morning till 5am. lol you can read about that in the post before this =)

woke up 10 mins before 9am and went to Starbucks with Jac to send her off and say byebye. haha

her super-chun photo of her drink.

thanks for last night JAC! see you in IPOH.

next, my taxi ride was surprisingly very good
there was no traffic jam whatsoever which i thought there would be since Raya is here.
plus the was no blazing Sun shining into the cab making it unsleepable.
Hence, i slept like a baby. haha kinda wish there was a traffic jam so that i could sleep more since i didnt sleep more than 4 hours last night. HAHA or more like this morning. haha

anyways had a very nice dinner with mommy and papa and our good 'ol little Jusco. haha
can't wait to go out and eat more.
my aim this week is to gain AT LEAST 3kgs. haha wish me luck!

haih tomorrow's gonna be a long day
mommy's gonna force me to wake up at 9am. waaaaa
my saturdays in subang usually only started at 2pm. haha
at least i get to eat superyummy CHEE CHEONG FUN with her! haha

i also went fruit shopping tonight. strawberries, kiwi, bananas and apples.
for what? for the choc fondue i'm making tmr night! haha
yeah gonna go treasure hunting for the equipment tomorrow. hopefully can find la.

okays missed half of the movie already
hellboy is waiting


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