Thursday, September 10, 2009


i officially declare tonight the last night i blog until trials are over

my biological clock has seriously gone HAYWIRE these couple of days
they were actually kinda huru-hara since a couple of months ago, but now i'm sleeping at 9pm, waking at 12am, studying till 4am, waking up at 8am for class


i need to sleep. recharge. yawn.

anyway i did receive an email which i can honestly say will help me get through trials next week =)

(click on the pic to enlarge!)

melbourne uni yo!
i am already dreaming of cooking with jiejie, hanging out with all the ipoh-aussie peeps and such
soooooo its time to bulk up and make sure i pass that 85 TER!!


here's just a batch of pics i took today at AC with the 2 people who make me LAUGH MY A** OFF. haha

anyways time to do a maths paper which is 3 bloody hours fyi. YAWN. i think even GOD is yawning at me =(

till trials are over and i return to earth


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