Thursday, September 17, 2009

my poor heart

yes my heart is still beating at gigantor pace.

thanks to THE ORPHAN.

yeap jac and i just finished watching it on DVD. and ahh watching it together in my room with the lights off and AC friggin cold, was really heart-pumping i tell you.

Esther is really P.S.Y.C.H.O.T.I.C.
seriously almost DIED-ED MAN. and so did jac.

grrrrrr how to sleep la now

anyways there's ALOT of other stuff we did tonight but i shall just blog about them when i get back to ipoh since there's another whole bunch of photos to upload and i seriously need to TIDUR.

have to wake up early tomorrow to get ready for my taxi! haha
anyways once again i'm looking forward to going home =))
all the good ipoh food awaits =P

i guess the next time i'll be blogging is when i'm back in IPOH. SO YEAH

goodbye subang.
goodbye handsome.
goodbye kaibing.
goodbye maggi goreng.
goodbye sleeping after 2am.
goodbye waking up after lunch.
goodbye wifi.
goodbye bad lifestyle.
goodbye home #2.

hello ipoh food.
hello mommy papa and yogi.
hello TV programmes.
hello church.
hello doing chores.
hello watching DVD collection.
hello home-cooked coup.
hello jaya jusco and ipoh parade.
hello home #1.


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