Sunday, September 6, 2009

first futsal tournament

i went to watch one..haha thank you VINOD for bringing meeee
haha turned out futsal is really fun to watch
but honestly kinda ganas

it's definitely very gun cheong. haha
anyways went to the SPORTS PLANET with V at around 9.30plus
was at the futsal place till about 12 plus.
the game was really fun to watch. plus having the best company makes the game even better.
V's friends were also very nice and friendly plus they're DAMN COOL people when they're among friends. haha damn good looking too. LOLOL
sadly their team didnt win =) but theywere seriously freaking good
never seen anyone play better before =)

that's aidil- the one in orange shorts. MALAYSIAN player mann.damn good in futsal and in looks tooo. rofl

anyways after the game, was supposed to go to Darus for supper but ended up at lorong with min and jasonsoon! haha
after makan-ing abit, we went to Racks for some foos and pool

haha on the way min and i decided to be the KINGS OF THE ROAD lol tried taking some pics but was scared we'd get run down by the oncoming cars. rofl managed to get one decent shot though. lol thanks jasonnn

min running away from a car. LOL


after everything went over to min's house to get her stuff and now she's staying over!
hahah i seriously gotta start charging people hotel rates when they sleep over
i provide like aircon, warm bath, internet and COMPANY

anyways i am SOOO GLAD tmr's..or literally speaking TODAY, is a holiday! haha
gotta seriously start studying studying studyingggg
trials will arrive in the blink of an eye man. sighhhhh


gonna blog a lil bit about my weekend with my beloved parents =)
stayed at CITITEL which was surprisingly empty this weekend. haha
had to do abit of studying there however which was extremely hard considering the hotel bed was SCREAMING MY NAME. but i did manage to do abit of studying lol

my studying corner =P

had our usual dinner at DRAGON-i =) yumyum

xiu long bao =)

look at the soup pulling the dumpling downwards! soup damn nice =)

best dessert ever =) mango with rice balls =)

my beloved parents who recently celebrated their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
LOVE YOU TWO! very very much

anyways gotta sleep now
loooong day tmr


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