Tuesday, September 1, 2009


ah i've been drinking alot of starbucks lately which has not been very economical of me
lol but on the bright side, i'm spending on good food than clothes! haha thats a good thing right? haha

playing with M's iphone. lol was bored

like this morning i really needed something to keep me awake since i couldnt sleep the whole night, the STARBUCKS dude recommended some Americano iced thingy which i officially announce right now to be one of the most bitter coffees i've EVER tasted. lol

was really glad i got to have a wonderful breakfast + study time with jaclyn this morning
thanks for being awake so early and receiving my call JAC. means ALOT ALOT ALOT
we must do it more often

andandand THANK YOU CHEAH HAO YI for finishing the drink. lol money well spent! haha
still gonna stick to CHOCOLATE CREAM which is so far,the best thing at SB =)

anyways gah so much has been happening which i am so BLUR to right now

but most importantly trials are coming in 2 weeks so i really gotta work hard
wanna make mommy and papa proud at all costs. hard but at least i gotta try right?
gotta keep as many distractions outta my head

some rules too like what mommy always said:-
- sleep max at 3am
- do at least one MATHS paper everyday
- eat well
- nap from 4pm-7pm MAXIMUM (my hardest struggle) lol

yeah did do alot of work today so i'm really pleased. lol hopefully it'll last!

anyways time to cook my last batch of spaghetti!


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