Monday, September 7, 2009

butt cramp

gah i've been sitting here at STARBUCKS for 5 hours now doing the stoopid IDS.
freaking tired.
neck hurts.
butt cramp.

but i'm glad i'm done with it. now just have trials to focus on


anyways here's some random pics of my day =)

had lunch with mindayyy at SILVA'S after waking up at 2.30pm after going to bed at 7.30am. HAHA
must seriously stop this bad habit of sleeping at these times. lol my biological clock seriously gone haywire already. haha

after lunch came to starbucks and met up with jac and S to do our IDS.

spot the little cheekyness =)

finally after 5 freakin hours we're done.


anyways gotta go home and call mommy now
might be going for another futsal tournament later tonight!

got a little encouraging msg from JIEJIE today too
love you jie



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