Tuesday, September 29, 2009

starbucks yet again

yeap i'm here again
i should get a bed here and all, then i wouldnt have to go home anymore
guess i'll be coming here everyday after classes to study with jac they all

anyways haoyi and i were studying here yesterday and we were asked to do some kind of survey about YOGA and we did. after that the lady who was carrying out the survey gave us these coupons to go for some YOGA session for three days! how cool is that.

lol anyways i really had nothing else to blog about so yeah
haha really looking forward to going for my first YOGA session and with haoyi.
lol we gonna laugh most of the time def. lol

anyways have been here since 4pm. yawn shall be going home at 8pm when jac goes home.

JACLYN! haha

then will be coming back here tp study somemore with haoyi. lol yawn

got back trials results.
improved in some, screwed up some.
oh well bottom line is, FINALS is in friggin ONE MONTH
so gotta start studying really hard! woot

i hope my apartment's wifi is back and running by the time i go home.
if not i'm gonna go mad i'm telling you

anyways thats all for now
gotta go back to bloody maths.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

inti internet sucks

at INTI Concourse with V.
internet at home not working.
mindy and jeswena ahead of me.
INTI internet bloody slow.
trials results out tomorrow.
i miss home.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

last day in EEPOH

woke up.
went for chee cheong fun YUMYUM.
slept the rest of the morning. lol

afternoon was when the fun started!
haha went PROM DRESS SHOPPING with mommy!
went to Greentown area where almost every girl gets her prom dress. lol
visited like 10 boutiques and finally found THE dress at the last boutique. lol
can you believe it? haha

random dress i tried on

anyways i shall not post any pics of me in the dress
not fun anymore like that. lol

my whole afternoon was spent trying on dresses
came home packed for tomorrow.

for dinner i went for a nice dinner with papa since mommy had a dinner.
had fun just spending time with me daddy =)
and he brought me to eat TOMYAM woohoooooyumyummydummy haha

my oh-so-cute daddyyy

my oh-so-yummy nuudlesss

yumster =)

after that we went and did some shopping. haha
bought two plain shirts from MNG
really love their tees. nice cutting and nice colours.

bought one for me and one for mommy for her bday =)

i also bought a dog bone for my BABY YOGI! haha

enthusiastic and persistent chewers. thats YOGI =)

look at him..yeeeee pinch pinchhh

he kinda abandoned it. lol damn sad

anyways watching Men in Black 2 again. yawn no nice movies on tv/astro nowadays.
someone please give me some nice dvds.


Friday, September 25, 2009

farewell RACHEL ONG :(

just got back from Rachel's farewell a couple of hours ago
sigh i'm really gonna miss that girl

anyways enjoy the pics!

me love

teehee the twins =)

family picture dont you think? haha

me lovesss

ladies =) including the fella in front =)

the staring game. so friggin cute i tell you.
erm i meant timmy. not kennyboy on the left. lol

go abel mabel!

shengggg. thanks for fetching me home =)

she's always been sucha caring and nice person
always there for others and always having that sweet smile on her pretty face

gonna miss you RACHEL ONG.

you take care in london girl!

anyways got an early chee cheong fun breakfast with mommy tomorrow
and outing with my best cousins



Thursday, September 24, 2009

bedazzle crazy

haha i finally got to bedazzle my lappie! haha
now i officially have 4 bedazzled gadgets! haha
and since i was friggin bored this afternoon, i decided to take some pics and photoshop abit! haha

enjoy the glitter!


after! love love love

next up for me to beautify is my ipod classic! anytime now. haha


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 birthdays

yeap today we celebrated YIWEN and SHUEVOON's birthday at this kopitiam called WAH NAM kopitiam i think.
shockingly i've never heard of this place before but the food was not so bad
and the atmosphere was nice as well. haha

anyways pictures mean a thousand words
so here you go:

fatty of the night rofl

kennyboyyyy hahaha

the two birthday girls!

damn nice to see


HAHA fattySHAO and his prawn idea. lol

the yummydummy cake!

the gang tonight

PHUIYAN which i had not seen for agesssss =)

we tried the "lala" pose. worked dont you think? lol

rach emily me

shue voon baby


haha kennyboy


the 2 birthday girls

rach gets all the guys for this pic! haha lucky her

in rachels car. lol i heart car pics =)

more of the pics on facebook=)

anyways i was glad i got to go out tonight. haha
came back at 11plus and mommy was already angry.
i miss subang.lol

have been kinda addicted to INNIT nowadays.lol
nothing better to do anyways so what the hell. haha

goodnight people. sweet dreams.

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