Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend with KBING =)

ahhh i literally spent the ENTIRE weekend with my FOOKAIBING at her house..haha
anyways went to her house on friday night..had an amazing shower..haha
watched her play SIMS3 which we are both mega addicted to right now..

haha anyways we suddenly felt hungry so we decided to eat MAGGI MEE at bloody 5AM is the morning =) haha and my oh my it was DELI-cious =)) hahaha

lover her LOOONG chopsticks =)

the cooked master-food =)) her indo mee, my tomyam maggi mee =P

picture perfect =)

anyways woke up the next morning..or it was afternoon..haha 2.30pm..and guess what fookaibing was doing when i woke up..yes playing SIMS3..haha it has become her life and soul..rofl

had some fun while creating a sim. ROFL ROFL ROFL
reminds you of WHO eh kbing? =)

owh and we made SIMS of notice our surnames! ROFLMAO

lol anyways we ordered MCD delivery for lunch..yumyumyum

and after two SPICY CHICKEN MCDELUXEs, we watched THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE. was really scared while watching it although it was broad daylight, but after watching the entire movie, it didnt turn out to be extremely scary. maybe because i know that GOD is in me and he's protecting me 24/7 =)

anyways after that movie we had KAIBING'S HOMECOOKED PORRIDGE for dinner while watching UGLY BETTY!!! she also cooked salted fish with black beans and a fried chicken dish =) yumyum long time no eat..haha

she also cooked her own GREEN JELLLY
sorry kbingfoo i just had to blog about your jellymelly =))

after porridge and jelly we watched THE FINAL DESTINATION 1 =)) haha not bad not bad but i find FD 3 better =) cant wait for the fourth one to come out though =) will be watching the 3D version with my classmates..WOOT

anyways went to church this morning..had a good time too =)

and now i'm back on my comfy bed..starving my ass off..boohooo

have my ENGLISH TUTORIAL PRESENTATION tmr as well which i am quite excited for but getting more nervous at the same time..blah

help =(


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