Saturday, August 29, 2009

pasta zanmai

went for a super romantic dinner with kaibing tonight!
haha we were planning on going to Secret Recipe to have TOMYAM fuhhh
butbutbut turned out all their tables were reserved for those who were going to buka puasa
dang felt so angry for a while

butbutbut eating at PASTA ZANMAI turned out to be REALLY GOOD
haha this place serves a combination of pasta and japanese style food in their dishes, so they're really interesting

haha anyways i shall let the pictures do the talking as usual! enjoyyy

my beautiful FOO KAI BING =)

my chicken pasta

her pasta with salmon and fish roe

their desert menu made us want to order EVERYTHING but due to the fact were weren't loaded, we picked....
CHOCO BANANA! seriously damn niceeeee

anyways after our superb dinner at PZ, we went to watch I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER.
i was seriously really excited to watch it cause HAYDEN PANETIERRE was acting in it and i totally heart her, but turned out the movie was kinda LAME. the funny parts were NOT and the storyline was weird.

anyways the movie and kaibing kinda made me realize that i've gotta do more crazy stuff in life before it runs out! haha

hayden's so cute. lol

anyways gotta go church tomorrow so time to sleeeeep!


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