Thursday, August 20, 2009

origami =)

today was an unexpected day for ORIGAMI
lol went to Uncle Poon's camera shop to get a camera when mommy passed me this magazine to read, and i saw this origami thingy to make a HAMSTER! hahha yes a friggin hamster!
haha so mommy asked Uncle Poon if i could take the mag back home

anyways the minute i reached home i started on it

the magazine


the instructions and materials =)

haha took me a while to cut out the hamster parts cause it was so detailed!

the cut pieces!

anyways after loads of sticking (and i really mean LOADS), i was done and got this!

friggin cute right right right??? HAHAHA

it even has it's own KUACI (sunflower seed) hahahahaha

eeeeeki could just squeeeze it but then it'll be destroyed

anyways i had a superrrr long day today
totally forgot what it was like to wake up at 6.30am and go home at 4.30pm.
after feeling it today, i'm glad my schooling days are OVER

anyways congrats to HARMINA who got head prefect (YAY!) and KaiQi and JeanLi who got the assistant head prefect posts =) ROCK ON GIRLS!

haha gotta finish up my blardy physics project now =(


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