Monday, August 17, 2009

no title =)

just wanted to blog about two things =)

number 1, i just got back from having ice-cream with my family
our usual spot at SIDEWALK ICE-CREAM =)
haha had so much i feel so cold inside now..rofl

mommy's GRAVEL something..



my CHOCOLATE something..haha really good stuff =)

anyways it wasnt so great cause we had to wait mega long and cause JIEJIE wasnt there..miss you alot jiejiejiejiejie..and soon gorgor will be going back to russiaaaaaaa..sigh gonna miss him so much

anyways the second thing i wanted to blog about was about JACLYN and MY helium balloons!
haha yeahs last friday we managed to get 2 helium balloons from this education booth outside taylors..and we decided to write our wishes and release them to heaven!

jac's balloon was super funny cause she actually wrote "To whom it may concern, I WANT..." whereas i was an angel and wrote "DEAR GOD..." hhaha she felt bad after that and wrote "please" before letting them go..ROFL..

i wished for
-jiejie and koko
-all A's in my exam

up they gooo..if you look REALLY CLOSELY and zoom the pic you can actually still see the balloons floating up =)

sigh i have 3 invitations to go out tomorrow and i cant say YES to either of them


starting to miss the freedom in subang =(

but i know there are alot of problems waiting for me there which i do NOT want to think about but it seems i have no choice..sigh


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