Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i am bored

saw someone cute today..HAHA sadly i dont exactly KNOW him..haha

i was bored so i made a wishlist of things i want this year. it's amazing what GOOGLE IMAGES can find for you =)

really want a new laptop since this one i a hand-me-down and the sound is not really working well =)

there's this new DELL laptop which has a purple version..shiny..I WANT =(


and one of my FOREVER dreams is to get a pair of converses, hopefully pink =)

i'm really in love with this pair i found online..damn nice la the colour =)

i also want nice, light and comfy sandals =)

i want a pink cookie is kinda pink now..rofl but i rather have a plain pink one =)

here's my current cookie appearance..HAHA chun leh

i want a pomeraniannnnnn..ah so cuteeeee

eeek feel like squeezing the pup till it's eyes bulge out..ROFL

i also wanna go clubbing at least once? just wanna feel it =)) HAHA

last but not least, i want a penguin =)

haha i am REALLY looking forward to seeing mommy this weekend. she shall be coming down to go for TAYLOR'S PLACEMENT DAY with meeee =)
then we'll be going shopping..muahaha time to stock up on all my food =)
she's also gonna bring a foldable table so that i can study in my room. no need to shift my stuff outside all the time..weeheeee

also looking forward to going home for an ENTIRE WEEKon the 14th =) woot to that

oh yes and before i forget, I MET UP WITH MY BESTIE AMELIA FOONG today!
haha went to play pool with her, kbing and a few other fellows..haha played fusball too..really missed it since we played like hell at Rachel's KL mansion..haha

anyways was really glad i got to catch up with ameeelia =)
hope to see her around more often!

anyways to MR. THARAM, my maths teacher who broke his collar bone, i hope you'll get well soon..E2 misses you greatly =)
till then we won't be having any maths classes..means no maths for 2 whole weeks! good and bad at the same time though...haha

yawn time to hit the sheets..9am class awaits..boohooo


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