Friday, August 7, 2009

hello weekend


really thank GOD it's friday =)
or saturday actually..literally..haha
mean i'm seeing mommy and papa later today!hahaa
they're coming down for taylor's placement day..teeheee

oh and mommy told me that papa got her permission to buy me a new lappie! WOOOOOT

anyways today was E2's "photoshoot" around the
did kinda crazy stuff during our breaks for the CD to be inserted into the college magazine. kinda fun though although it was friggin hot the entire time..haha

anyways here are some pics from today and yesterday..


class pic with our beloved bio teacher, ms loke!!!

hehe haoyi looks so cute *TING TING TING* =)))

yeap we were actually allowed to wear sunnies in the lab because of the bright light from the ohp..rofl

TODAY (friday)

chilling in the library

jac and i were posers for the day:

normal sweetness

lala pose


class photoshoot pics taken from wen zhee's awesome chun camera =0

anyways i really need to get some sleep now

happy weekend everyone =)


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