Thursday, August 27, 2009

good girls turn BAD

had a wonderful night with my best girlfriends, SARAH JACLYN and HAOYI
haha first we played 2 rounds of foosball then moved on to pool
rofl we took like 1 and a half hours to play 2 rounds of pool. haha we ended up screaming NON STOP while playing both foosball and pool

met up with hadi and jasontan too and they joined us for supper afterwardssss

hahaha anyways after the games we went to MAJEED for some dinner/supper
watched some magician show which was kinda interesting. haha

and now JACLYN is sitting next to me in my room cause she's staying over tonight! haha
in case you were wondering which good girl we turned bad, its definitely NOT me, but PHAN JACLYN! haha the good girl who usually sleeps at 11pm is now badbadbad thanks to us! hahaha

we had super alot of laughs just now, one of them involves two identical shirts i have which are huge for me but turned out to be baby-tee size for jac..HAHAHA took some pics too so enjoy!

fits her so well and is damn huge for me. rofl

anyways now we're singing and playing ONCE UPON A DECEMBER on both our lappies hahahahhaa

she also taught me something really interesting about MSN =)
which is you can actually give nicknames to people! so guess what i did =)

and speaking of MSN, today i had a scary encounter with BUDDY from MSN

fyi MSN is turning 10 years old soon so the man-sized-freakin-scary doll came around Asia Cafe today taking pictures with everyone where the pics go online haha
anyways i ran as far and as fast as i could away from the green alien but he still managed to catch us with us while we were eating on the deck, and were forced to take pictures with IT. gaga

gonna get nightmares mannn rofl

being with friends and talking with those who can really advice me well (M) had made me realize there are MANY fishes in the sea and that i am still way young! haha i trust GOD =)

and the fact that Monday is a holiday is making me feel so good right now

anyways gotta do some homework before hitting the sheets


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