Monday, August 31, 2009

bad bad night

just gonna have a short post...

...about one of the worse nights i ever had

finally managed to drink mommy's ABC which was one week old. seriously thought it was ok to drink it since it was refrigerated the whole time
anyways after drinking one bowl which tasted delicious, i decided to finish the whole pot.

yeah, bad choice.

ended up licking the pot one minute and vomitting EVERYTHING out the next


anyways it was such a bad feeling
didnt know vomitting also took up ALOT of energy
felt freakin weak after the 4th go at the toilet bowl..grrr

anyways thank you M for being so caring =) you rock

thank you GOD for making today a holiday =)

thank you for the 1Litre 100PLUS on my lap now

sadly i'm friggin starving right now so i guess i'm gonna cook some maggi


i dont wanna go to class tmr



0 chicken wings:

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