Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back to school

just a random pic i tried out for effects out of my teacher's demand =P

yeaps right now i'm in my school library
oh all the memories are flooding back..when we the cheeky librarians used to

- run around hiding from the scary seniors
- tie each others ribbon on our heads for Installation Day
- do 'mafan' assignments
- try and escape morning assemblies
- wear our super cekap-looking uniforms

- do dances for Teachers' Day etc etc
- enjoy 'sessions' on Fridays together

- go for LTCs together gether which were THE BEST OF TIMES
- many many more which i am so lazy to type out

hahahahahahaha anyways i shall put up some old BLUE ANTS pictures up for old time's sake =)

Leadership Training Camp (LTC)

teacher's day DANCE =)

anyways being in school has really brought back good memories
and being here chatting with all the funny teachers..HAHA

managed to eat ALOT just now since the teachers had some JAMUAN. haha
feel friggin bloated now
plus you can't really say no to your ex-teachers so i just had to gulp it allllll down

the most surprising thing was that i had no idea i couldstill wake up at 6.20am
wow i tell you the whole morning till now i am SUFFERING
my head feels SO heavy and my eyes keep threatening to close
but can't sleep since i have teachers talking to me nonstop asking me if i have boyfriends in KL

anyways a teacher just came in and asked for my help to wrap something for a certain teacher
(p/s: to all ex-MGS girls, papa WONG and Pn. NORMARIA are moving out of MGS =()



hahaha it was kinda fun wrapping something again. rofl lame but true
ahahahaha and i've still got my wrapping skills! muahaha rofl

anyways i cant wait to go home and ZZZZZZ like someone i know. haha


p/s: thinking of YOU and only YOU

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