Monday, August 31, 2009

bad bad night

just gonna have a short post...

...about one of the worse nights i ever had

finally managed to drink mommy's ABC which was one week old. seriously thought it was ok to drink it since it was refrigerated the whole time
anyways after drinking one bowl which tasted delicious, i decided to finish the whole pot.

yeah, bad choice.

ended up licking the pot one minute and vomitting EVERYTHING out the next


anyways it was such a bad feeling
didnt know vomitting also took up ALOT of energy
felt freakin weak after the 4th go at the toilet bowl..grrr

anyways thank you M for being so caring =) you rock

thank you GOD for making today a holiday =)

thank you for the 1Litre 100PLUS on my lap now

sadly i'm friggin starving right now so i guess i'm gonna cook some maggi


i dont wanna go to class tmr



Saturday, August 29, 2009

pasta zanmai

went for a super romantic dinner with kaibing tonight!
haha we were planning on going to Secret Recipe to have TOMYAM fuhhh
butbutbut turned out all their tables were reserved for those who were going to buka puasa
dang felt so angry for a while

butbutbut eating at PASTA ZANMAI turned out to be REALLY GOOD
haha this place serves a combination of pasta and japanese style food in their dishes, so they're really interesting

haha anyways i shall let the pictures do the talking as usual! enjoyyy

my beautiful FOO KAI BING =)

my chicken pasta

her pasta with salmon and fish roe

their desert menu made us want to order EVERYTHING but due to the fact were weren't loaded, we picked....
CHOCO BANANA! seriously damn niceeeee

anyways after our superb dinner at PZ, we went to watch I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER.
i was seriously really excited to watch it cause HAYDEN PANETIERRE was acting in it and i totally heart her, but turned out the movie was kinda LAME. the funny parts were NOT and the storyline was weird.

anyways the movie and kaibing kinda made me realize that i've gotta do more crazy stuff in life before it runs out! haha

hayden's so cute. lol

anyways gotta go church tomorrow so time to sleeeeep!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

good girls turn BAD

had a wonderful night with my best girlfriends, SARAH JACLYN and HAOYI
haha first we played 2 rounds of foosball then moved on to pool
rofl we took like 1 and a half hours to play 2 rounds of pool. haha we ended up screaming NON STOP while playing both foosball and pool

met up with hadi and jasontan too and they joined us for supper afterwardssss

hahaha anyways after the games we went to MAJEED for some dinner/supper
watched some magician show which was kinda interesting. haha

and now JACLYN is sitting next to me in my room cause she's staying over tonight! haha
in case you were wondering which good girl we turned bad, its definitely NOT me, but PHAN JACLYN! haha the good girl who usually sleeps at 11pm is now badbadbad thanks to us! hahaha

we had super alot of laughs just now, one of them involves two identical shirts i have which are huge for me but turned out to be baby-tee size for jac..HAHAHA took some pics too so enjoy!

fits her so well and is damn huge for me. rofl

anyways now we're singing and playing ONCE UPON A DECEMBER on both our lappies hahahahhaa

she also taught me something really interesting about MSN =)
which is you can actually give nicknames to people! so guess what i did =)

and speaking of MSN, today i had a scary encounter with BUDDY from MSN

fyi MSN is turning 10 years old soon so the man-sized-freakin-scary doll came around Asia Cafe today taking pictures with everyone where the pics go online haha
anyways i ran as far and as fast as i could away from the green alien but he still managed to catch us with us while we were eating on the deck, and were forced to take pictures with IT. gaga

gonna get nightmares mannn rofl

being with friends and talking with those who can really advice me well (M) had made me realize there are MANY fishes in the sea and that i am still way young! haha i trust GOD =)

and the fact that Monday is a holiday is making me feel so good right now

anyways gotta do some homework before hitting the sheets


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


currently at McD with Mathias and LingChuing..haha
thank goodness McD has activated their WiFi again

andandand McD's having this Puasa Deal where you can get the cheap McValue meals from 6pm-9pm soyeah spicy chicken mcdeluxe is now in me tummy

ahh hail McD! hahahaha

anyways my mommy sent me a very cool email this afternoon.
was looking forward to putting it up here cause it's REALLY cool
still trying to find a way to post it up here


anyways it is mega cold right now sitting outside here

and i am slowly letting go of IT.
slowly but surely



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

forgetting is hard


so many things on my mind right now which all revolves around that ONE problem


i know what i SHOULD do.
the problem is DOING it.
which seems to be the HARDEST thing to do right now.


and YOU'RE not making it any easier.


just wanna scream. cry. kickass. fight.


i guess M is right. it just takes time.
the question is,





Monday, August 24, 2009

back =)

after a week of being home-bound, i can finally walk outside

i did have a great week in IPOH especially when i went for youth after 72937402384 years! hahaha anyways took some pics so enjoy folks! =)

bingbing =)

kirsten my love

anyways today mommy, papa and i went to send koko off at KLIA

the saddest part of saying goodbye is seeing him from afar =(

sigh time really passes super fast
i can still remember when jiejie and koko came back for the holidays
and now they're both gone

gonna miss you BIG BAD BRO

i just feel really bad for MOMMY and PAPA
they're gonna feel extra lonely now that koko's gone..sigh hopefully yogi'll be able to keep them company

love you mommy and papa..always <3

ANYWAYS i got a really really nice bday present from ROY
hehehe my very own pair of PINK HAVAIANAS!
hahaha thank you so much roy =)))

love the bag =)

WOOTWOOT *whistle whistle*

owh and guess what my hair is long enough to tie without looking like a chicken tail.


and he goes by the name of MATHIAS PREMANAND PONNIAH! hahhaha
we've just declared it. rofl
thanks M for listening in to all my problems. means ALOT. and i mean it =)
you rock =)))


sigh my neck hurts and i am not allowed to sleep yet
i seriously need to studyyyyy


back to classes tomorrow. yawn.


i miss being a kid


Saturday, August 22, 2009



gah being in ipoh has really made me kinda tension
having to study every minute of everyday

and the worst part is, i can't even go out today even though i DID NOT go out the entire week.
what kind of life is this la

i really miss my life in subang right now
but i know when i get back, things have GOT to change
gotta limit my going out for fun and replace them with studying at McD or at home


trials in 3 weeks



Thursday, August 20, 2009

origami =)

today was an unexpected day for ORIGAMI
lol went to Uncle Poon's camera shop to get a camera when mommy passed me this magazine to read, and i saw this origami thingy to make a HAMSTER! hahha yes a friggin hamster!
haha so mommy asked Uncle Poon if i could take the mag back home

anyways the minute i reached home i started on it

the magazine


the instructions and materials =)

haha took me a while to cut out the hamster parts cause it was so detailed!

the cut pieces!

anyways after loads of sticking (and i really mean LOADS), i was done and got this!

friggin cute right right right??? HAHAHA

it even has it's own KUACI (sunflower seed) hahahahaha

eeeeeki could just squeeeze it but then it'll be destroyed

anyways i had a superrrr long day today
totally forgot what it was like to wake up at 6.30am and go home at 4.30pm.
after feeling it today, i'm glad my schooling days are OVER

anyways congrats to HARMINA who got head prefect (YAY!) and KaiQi and JeanLi who got the assistant head prefect posts =) ROCK ON GIRLS!

haha gotta finish up my blardy physics project now =(


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back to school

just a random pic i tried out for effects out of my teacher's demand =P

yeaps right now i'm in my school library
oh all the memories are flooding back..when we the cheeky librarians used to

- run around hiding from the scary seniors
- tie each others ribbon on our heads for Installation Day
- do 'mafan' assignments
- try and escape morning assemblies
- wear our super cekap-looking uniforms

- do dances for Teachers' Day etc etc
- enjoy 'sessions' on Fridays together

- go for LTCs together gether which were THE BEST OF TIMES
- many many more which i am so lazy to type out

hahahahahahaha anyways i shall put up some old BLUE ANTS pictures up for old time's sake =)

Leadership Training Camp (LTC)

teacher's day DANCE =)

anyways being in school has really brought back good memories
and being here chatting with all the funny teachers..HAHA

managed to eat ALOT just now since the teachers had some JAMUAN. haha
feel friggin bloated now
plus you can't really say no to your ex-teachers so i just had to gulp it allllll down

the most surprising thing was that i had no idea i couldstill wake up at 6.20am
wow i tell you the whole morning till now i am SUFFERING
my head feels SO heavy and my eyes keep threatening to close
but can't sleep since i have teachers talking to me nonstop asking me if i have boyfriends in KL

anyways a teacher just came in and asked for my help to wrap something for a certain teacher
(p/s: to all ex-MGS girls, papa WONG and Pn. NORMARIA are moving out of MGS =()



hahaha it was kinda fun wrapping something again. rofl lame but true
ahahahaha and i've still got my wrapping skills! muahaha rofl

anyways i cant wait to go home and ZZZZZZ like someone i know. haha


p/s: thinking of YOU and only YOU
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