Sunday, July 26, 2009

sims3 geek

hmm let's weekend was nice
not very productive

did only two things other than the usual eat sleep poop routine which is:-
-playing SIMS3
-watching ugly betty

seriously move from one to another
and SIMS3 is seriously SUPER fun fun fun hahaha

here's just a little preview of what you're missing out if you havent played yet..muahaha

the graphics are way nicer, much more to

so basically my eyes have been GLUED in front of my laptop screen for HOURS..haha which is quite fun in my cosy cold room =) oh haha and did i mention that i don't have any roommates? at all??? hahaha life is heaven right now in my room..damn big and damn hopefully no one moves in till november =) whoot

yawn tmr classes start as usual AGAIN..really miss the exams..haha weird right? anyways during exams we go to college for like 2 hours? then the whole day is ours..haha now it's back to 8am-4pm times..boohoo

anyways watching INCREDIBLES now..damn cute


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