Friday, July 24, 2009


woohoo just got back from pyramid with shao and kbingfoo =)

went with shaowen to watch ice age 3..and WOOO I REALLY ENJOYED IT! hahaha
the little dinosaurs DAMNNNN CUTE!! hahaha =))

so how i MISS diego =)))

would you just look at those baby dinosaurs?? i wanted to jump to the screen and pinch them..hahah damn cuteee =)

anyways after the nicenice movie shao and i went to SAKAE SUSHI for our deli-ciouss dinner..and not to mention kinda cheap and filling too..haha

love how they take orders =)

look at the concentration in his face man..sushi that important to him..rofl



some raw salmon thingy shao ordered..ewwww

after sushi we went to NEW ZEALAND NATURAL for some ice-cream =)
found out how expensive NZN really is..haha pokai

we watched the ice-skaters while we were indulging in our ice-cream =) haha tonight they were practicing ice hockey so the little kids were friggin cute..haha

did some random camwhoring with limlimlimshaoshaoshaowenwenwen
hahaha =) lol btw he sucks at

anyways i'm back and sound..clean and cosy =))
haha feeling so great now that tomorrow is a SATURDAYYYY..woohooo

have a good weekend everyone =)


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