Monday, July 27, 2009

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tried out the new PAPA RICH restaurant/cafe near taylors with kbing this afternoon for tea =) sounds so english right? haha
anyways the food there is so friggin flew out of the wallet
the cendol i ordered costed RM6?..crycrycry..really miss ipoh's cendol right now =) ahaha
so i dont think i'll be goin back to PAPA RICH anytime soon =) although i must say the atmosphere there is nice and cosy =)

kaibing's painted hand which she was very fond of =) lol

toasted bread with kaya and butter..woot to the burnt sides =)))

my cendol with ice creammmm =)) couldn't even finish i cause it was so friggin 'chai'..if you know what i mean =) haha

tang yuan! yumyumyum

anyways this is a shoutout to my beloved SARAH YONG EE MAY who's on her way to singapore for her sister's graduation..HAVE A SAFE TRIP DEARIE! =))

gonna miss my fav deskmate =)
remember to bring back a cute singaporean hunk for me yah =P and have fun =))

yawn monday's over..gotta sit through tuesday wednesday thursday and friday..boohooo
well at least this friday will be KINDA interesting cause TAYLORS is having a CHARITY BAZAAR from 10am till 6pm so everyone is welcomed =) hope i can go back to ipoh this weekend though..havent seen me mama and papa in agesssss..haha miss them..and koko and yogi too =(

and CHUAH MAY JET thank you for everything again..what you told me really helped..
i'm really glad to have a friend like YOU =) thanks for just being there for m although you are like the furthest're a true friend =)

ilu mj =) remember i'm always here for you too =)

anyways i'm on a SIMS3 craze right now which i have no idea when will end so i gotta answer to its call now



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