Friday, July 24, 2009

new look

i am OFFICIALLY done with editting my blog
haha learned alot of layout stuff online

started at 11plus and i just ended..all this took me like..4 bloody hours? poof
haha well SINCE MY EXAMS ARE OVER its okay to waste abit of time eh?

anyways what i love most about what i've accomplished today with my blog is the FAVICON on the tab. if you dont know what i'm talking about just look at the top of the page on my blog's tab, or next to me blog's URL..see the panda?? hahah took me ages to figure out how to out it but it was worth it =))

anyways i'm so glad it's a friday..whoopeee i get the whole weekend to meself..wootwoot


well i must say it was QUITE enjoyable

still prefer Order of Phoenix and Prisoner of Azkaban =)
and HP has become so uglyyyy..he was mega cute in POA..his hair like got cut by a blind woman only
gah was expecting a lil more but overall it was okay =)

owh and hermione is so mega pretty alreadyyyy

she seems to be the only character become better-looking with each movie..haha

haha anyways before the movie we (Deepan, Haoyi, Jac, Mathias and I) went to POPEYES for lunch..tried it for the first time..not still rocks my socks =)
anyways i'm only blogging about it because i took a picture of my CHICKEN SANDWHICH. haha making me drool now..blargh

anyways i'm off to play some SIMS3
yes i got it from jacly and my my my it is SOOOOOOO ADDICTIVE
played once for 4 hors straight..felt mega guilty after that though..haha
time to continue my sims rampage..WOOT

happy friday everyone =)


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