Thursday, July 9, 2009

cat eyes =)


ordered them online by a site introduced by kbing and they're really really niceeee
haha i've always wanted a pair of colored contacts but never got the permission to do so. since this is my hard-saved money =)))
i bought a pair in VIOLET!
they came really fast after i ordered them..haha

was kinda scared it'll look weird and bimbo on me but according to my friends they're kinda natural..weeeeee

anyway here're the pics =))

haoyi also brought her hammy LAVA to college friggin cute

couldnt remember the last time i held a hamster

reminded me of the times at our 75, Lengkok Canning home where we (koko,jiejie and i) had like 50++ hamsters at once?? haha

GREAT TIMES..will try and dig for some old hammy pics =))

anyways i shall be going back to IPOH tmr once again..haha
going back for our HARI ANUGERAH but mainly to spend time with JIEJIE and KOKO =)

wee cant wait to go home


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