Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bloody tomyam cubes

i bought a TOMYAM cube thingy which you just toss into hot wate and stir stir stir abit afew weeks i tried cooking it today

seriously tasted like vomit..blah
felt super sick after drinking the soup
anyways since i was so super excited about cooking my soup, i took some

see how excited i really was? blah

anyways went for pool with kbing tonight
wahhh havent played in agessss...really sucked today
kbing damn geng already..hahaha i must practice more =))) lol
woohoo i am FRIGGIN HUNGRY right now..boohoo
i neeed fooooooooood =P

i'm out of tomyam maggi..boohooo
i need to go shopping =( boohoo
anyways i'm feeling very blah right now



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