Friday, July 31, 2009

kaibing's =)

weee i'm at bingbing's house now
staying overnight tonight..woot

feels so great knowing that tomorrow we can just wake up super late HAHHA
anyways gotta really start studying consistently soon..blahgger


p/s: still can't get you out of my mind =(

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bloody tomyam cubes

i bought a TOMYAM cube thingy which you just toss into hot wate and stir stir stir abit afew weeks i tried cooking it today

seriously tasted like vomit..blah
felt super sick after drinking the soup
anyways since i was so super excited about cooking my soup, i took some

see how excited i really was? blah

anyways went for pool with kbing tonight
wahhh havent played in agessss...really sucked today
kbing damn geng already..hahaha i must practice more =))) lol
woohoo i am FRIGGIN HUNGRY right now..boohoo
i neeed fooooooooood =P

i'm out of tomyam maggi..boohooo
i need to go shopping =( boohoo
anyways i'm feeling very blah right now



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

charity carnival

here's a very simple post about the CHARITY CARNIVAL this friday at TAYLORS COLLEGE SUBANG JAYA

all are welcome to come =) and weehee i'll be getting these magnificent pair of wedges that day..yumyum and they're on sale too..wootwoot

beauty aint they? haha
can't wait can't wait =)

might be going back to ipoh on friday though..not sure yet not sure
wanna spend more time with my beloved GORGOR =)) haha and here's a random picture of my russian brother =) miss you gor =)

anyways its back to 8am class tomorrow..BOOHOO
S i hope you're having fun in s'pore!

time for SIMS3


Monday, July 27, 2009

no title =)


tried out the new PAPA RICH restaurant/cafe near taylors with kbing this afternoon for tea =) sounds so english right? haha
anyways the food there is so friggin flew out of the wallet
the cendol i ordered costed RM6?..crycrycry..really miss ipoh's cendol right now =) ahaha
so i dont think i'll be goin back to PAPA RICH anytime soon =) although i must say the atmosphere there is nice and cosy =)

kaibing's painted hand which she was very fond of =) lol

toasted bread with kaya and butter..woot to the burnt sides =)))

my cendol with ice creammmm =)) couldn't even finish i cause it was so friggin 'chai'..if you know what i mean =) haha

tang yuan! yumyumyum

anyways this is a shoutout to my beloved SARAH YONG EE MAY who's on her way to singapore for her sister's graduation..HAVE A SAFE TRIP DEARIE! =))

gonna miss my fav deskmate =)
remember to bring back a cute singaporean hunk for me yah =P and have fun =))

yawn monday's over..gotta sit through tuesday wednesday thursday and friday..boohooo
well at least this friday will be KINDA interesting cause TAYLORS is having a CHARITY BAZAAR from 10am till 6pm so everyone is welcomed =) hope i can go back to ipoh this weekend though..havent seen me mama and papa in agesssss..haha miss them..and koko and yogi too =(

and CHUAH MAY JET thank you for everything again..what you told me really helped..
i'm really glad to have a friend like YOU =) thanks for just being there for m although you are like the furthest're a true friend =)

ilu mj =) remember i'm always here for you too =)

anyways i'm on a SIMS3 craze right now which i have no idea when will end so i gotta answer to its call now



Sunday, July 26, 2009

sims3 geek

hmm let's weekend was nice
not very productive

did only two things other than the usual eat sleep poop routine which is:-
-playing SIMS3
-watching ugly betty

seriously move from one to another
and SIMS3 is seriously SUPER fun fun fun hahaha

here's just a little preview of what you're missing out if you havent played yet..muahaha

the graphics are way nicer, much more to

so basically my eyes have been GLUED in front of my laptop screen for HOURS..haha which is quite fun in my cosy cold room =) oh haha and did i mention that i don't have any roommates? at all??? hahaha life is heaven right now in my room..damn big and damn hopefully no one moves in till november =) whoot

yawn tmr classes start as usual AGAIN..really miss the exams..haha weird right? anyways during exams we go to college for like 2 hours? then the whole day is ours..haha now it's back to 8am-4pm times..boohoo

anyways watching INCREDIBLES now..damn cute


Friday, July 24, 2009

happy 1st anniversary K

ken kwak min

hope you're doing well up there
was just thinking about you the other day
really miss you

know that many of us are missing you too =)



woohoo just got back from pyramid with shao and kbingfoo =)

went with shaowen to watch ice age 3..and WOOO I REALLY ENJOYED IT! hahaha
the little dinosaurs DAMNNNN CUTE!! hahaha =))

so how i MISS diego =)))

would you just look at those baby dinosaurs?? i wanted to jump to the screen and pinch them..hahah damn cuteee =)

anyways after the nicenice movie shao and i went to SAKAE SUSHI for our deli-ciouss dinner..and not to mention kinda cheap and filling too..haha

love how they take orders =)

look at the concentration in his face man..sushi that important to him..rofl



some raw salmon thingy shao ordered..ewwww

after sushi we went to NEW ZEALAND NATURAL for some ice-cream =)
found out how expensive NZN really is..haha pokai

we watched the ice-skaters while we were indulging in our ice-cream =) haha tonight they were practicing ice hockey so the little kids were friggin cute..haha

did some random camwhoring with limlimlimshaoshaoshaowenwenwen
hahaha =) lol btw he sucks at

anyways i'm back and sound..clean and cosy =))
haha feeling so great now that tomorrow is a SATURDAYYYY..woohooo

have a good weekend everyone =)


new look

i am OFFICIALLY done with editting my blog
haha learned alot of layout stuff online

started at 11plus and i just ended..all this took me like..4 bloody hours? poof
haha well SINCE MY EXAMS ARE OVER its okay to waste abit of time eh?

anyways what i love most about what i've accomplished today with my blog is the FAVICON on the tab. if you dont know what i'm talking about just look at the top of the page on my blog's tab, or next to me blog's URL..see the panda?? hahah took me ages to figure out how to out it but it was worth it =))

anyways i'm so glad it's a friday..whoopeee i get the whole weekend to meself..wootwoot


well i must say it was QUITE enjoyable

still prefer Order of Phoenix and Prisoner of Azkaban =)
and HP has become so uglyyyy..he was mega cute in POA..his hair like got cut by a blind woman only
gah was expecting a lil more but overall it was okay =)

owh and hermione is so mega pretty alreadyyyy

she seems to be the only character become better-looking with each movie..haha

haha anyways before the movie we (Deepan, Haoyi, Jac, Mathias and I) went to POPEYES for lunch..tried it for the first time..not still rocks my socks =)
anyways i'm only blogging about it because i took a picture of my CHICKEN SANDWHICH. haha making me drool now..blargh

anyways i'm off to play some SIMS3
yes i got it from jacly and my my my it is SOOOOOOO ADDICTIVE
played once for 4 hors straight..felt mega guilty after that though..haha
time to continue my sims rampage..WOOT

happy friday everyone =)

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