Tuesday, June 9, 2009


if you all noticed, my last post was so not my style of blogging, and that's because it was not me who blogged about it..
i'm sure it's not that hard to figure out who wrote it while i was happily bathing that night =)

and since she put so much effort in blogging here, LOL, i shall show my appreciation =)


if it wasn't for her, i'd be lost in subang

if it wasn't for her, i'd have a sucky apartment without ever complaining

if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't have met him

if it wasn't for her, i'd be E.M.O.

so kaibing, I LOVE YOU

yours truly, debs


and sorry people for not updating in a long time..have been mega busy and mega tired AND mega lazy since semester 2 started..yawn all the projects are due soon and tests are coming up which i am SOOOOO not prepared for..sigh although i do have LOADS to blog about..haha

so here's my blogging checklist for when i have time to blog again:

1. sleepovers a my apartment
2. bed breaking incident
3. glorious food
4. empty apartment-WEEEE
5. lousy apartment-BOOOO

yeaps and i have been eating alot this month since i dont plan on shopping, so WEEEE i am getting fatter by the second..haha just like something else eh kbing? HAHHA

have been swimming quite often too..to lose out the gained fats..haha

anyways i'm off. out to shisha (not me i just watch) with the guys later..havent seen them in ages man..hahah


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