Thursday, June 4, 2009

sweet ipoh

ah my week in ipoh has been an eventful one =)
although i spent most of my time sleeping, haha i did get to:

1. meet up with teng, mun and auddie!

went to freakin crowded JJ with them on wed and also went to watch TERMINATOR SALVATION which is awesome =) john connor is HOT

the 2 drivers who parked like nobody's business=P

also met up with my *ahem*this is for you jojo second original pumpkin =) lol

it had been freakingly hot here in ipoh..wahhhhh i think i also got darker according to my mom..haha

shall be going back to SUBANG tomorrow morning to pay 2nd sem fees and also to finish up all the friggin piled up projects..blah
feeling so lazy right now

well this month i wont have to worry about spending all my money on clothes since one week has already passed, and the 3rd week i'll be going back to ipoh for the MGS CONCERT
ah yes and if anyone is interested,

MGS IPOH is having a Ballet Concert, SLEEPING BEAUTY
if you'd like to purchase tickets or know more, contact me yeah

and the 4th week i shall be going back to ipoh as my beloved BROTHER and SISTER will be back in malaysia!


haha sorry i'm just so superly excited to see them both again =) it has been so lonely here without you two =(

koko will be coming back on the 23rd wherea jiejie will be coming back on the 27th =)
can't believe it's already JUNE..half the year is gone..wootwoot


anyways gotta spend my last night with my beloved parents =)


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