Thursday, June 11, 2009


well the sunnies S and i ordered finally arrived today and they're awesome!
haha as fake as they are, they do look like rayban shades, and the colours are so cute!
we could actually pick our own colour for mix-match, so its really anyways as usual i'll let the pictures do the talking =)

for bio lab today we carried out this experiment where we had to put phenolphthalein agar cubes into some acid and watch it decolourise and all, and OHMYGOODNESS THE CUBES ARE SO MEGA CUTE WHEN THEY DECOLOURISE!
you can actually see the "inner cube" as time passes. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, enjoy the pictures =)

squishy quishy

my room now is also mega private and HUGE, since my two roommates moved out =)
what i used to treat as my only place to sleep, is now my heaven
now i dont have to worry about coming back late and having to tiptoe around the room in the dark =)

hahaha hopefully though i'll be able to keep this room as empty as possible =)

and since i'm the only one in my room, i had some sleepovers WOOT

sadly one sleepover turned B.A.D. hahahahaha

well the story is, S and KB came over for a sleepover on saturday night. we went swimming at the my place apartment dirty-green pool, then wwent for supper then went back home to chill =) sadly my air con was not working, so we three decided to clean the AC abit =)
for all 3 of us to reach the AC (ok maybe KB was tall enough), we had to stand on the railing of the bed. it seriously NEVER occured to us that the bed might just break due to our weight =) haha so after cleaning the AC for a while (mind you, it was 3+ in the morning), while the 3 of us were cleaning the AC at the same time, THE RAILING BROKE, AND THE SIDE OF THE BED WHERE I WAS CLOSEST TO COLLAPSED =P hahahhaahhahahahaa

S managed to jump off the bed in time while KB and I fell. KB ended up with a hole (yes, A HOLE like someone poked a PEN into her leg) and i ended up with a bruised leg. and te pain at that moment for 5 minutes was AGONIZINGLY PAINFUL. KB's leg bled the whole night btw..haha that night was seriously mega funny HAHA hopefully that will not happen anymore

my legs' still bruised like novody's business and eveytime my leg hits something, i have to stone for 5 mins before the pain goes away =( i need papa's massaging =(((

anyway my LAN exam is tomorrow..hahaha and i am feeling so lazy to study now

KB also has got me watching ANTM on youtube..haha it is kinda fun watching the bitch-fights and the photo shoots..haha

off to eat my mcd now =)


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