Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FAMILY i miss you

sigh i really feel so lousy
wish i was at home with the rest of my family =(

for those of ya'll who didn't know, my WHOLE family had been reunited since my brother and sister came back from russia and aus last week. and sadly I'M STUCK HERE IN KL! =(
test coming non stop and assignment deadlines coming nearer too

sigh i can just kill myself, or better yet, get a taxi and go back to ipoh =(

anyways our reunion was amazing =)

our first sight of jiejie =) was so tempted to just run to her =)

after fetching jie from the airport, we went to SS2 for some awesome dessert from this place called K.T.Z. lol
their iced 'loh' is amazingly good =) we had so much too lol

don't they look good? haha

anyways after supper we went back to One World Hotel which we were staying that night and just chilled. hahah had a great time receiving awesome presents from jie =) haha and koko's too lol

mini vodka for gorgor =) lol

thank you koko for the puppy =)

the next morning which was sun morning we went for yummy dimsum at SUMMER PALACE =) yumyum

anyways sigh i'm at my college library now.
friggin cold =( boohoo

miss you LEEs

which i could be there to spend time with ya'll =(



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